Match Rules


No more than six players may be in the court at any one time. Minimum of six players and a maximum of 12 players to a team. Substitutions are permitted at any position on the court so long as the opposing team has not been unduly disadvantaged in the referee’s judgment.


SCORING: For the tournament only, and time permitting, a match will consist of three(3) 15 point games. All games must be won by two points with a maximum of 21. Furthermore, the referees have the discretion, at any point in the final game, to call for “sudden death” due to time constraints; after which, each team is given an opportunity to complete its last and final service. The team which has reached 15, or is ahead by one or more points upon completion of its final service , wins the game.

STANDINGS: 6 on 6, Co-Ed games, Round-Robin then top 10 teams play for elimination playoffs.

TIMEOUTS: Each team will be permitted two 30-second timeouts per game. Teams do not have to be in possession to call time out.


Teams must have 6 roster members in uniform and ready to commence play within 5 minutes of the designated starting time of the game or the game is forfeited.


The referee has the authority and control over all aspects of the game, as defined by USVBA rules, as well as all supervisory functions at the gymnasium. The referee has the authority to declare games a “forfeit” or “no contest” and award standings points accordingly. Referees will be given wide discretion in enforcement and interpretation of rules ( particularly as to “carries”, “spikes”, “attack lines”, etc.) Referees’ decisions, even if in error, are not protest able, however, errors of judgment, misinterpretation of rules or misconduct by referees should be bought to the attention of the tournament’s director, which he will then take appropriate action administratively.


Tee-Shirts will be provided by St. John’s Church.

  • Each team participating shall, prior to the tournament deadline, submit to St. John’s Church a roster listing all persons who may play for each team.
  • Each player of the team must be a member of the participating Church in good standing, over the age of 16 and a signed roster by their Vicar.
  • Each such person, as a condition to participating, must be first executed and submitted to the tournament Director the standard waiver form provided by St. John’s Church.
  • Additions to rosters are permitted only by the discretion of the tournament committee.
  • A maximum of 16 teams are allowed into the one day tournament.


The Director and committee retain the right to suspend or expel from future participation in the tournament and player whose conduct is unsportsmanlike, inflammatory or tends to reflect unfavorable.